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Fairhaven Baptist College Online


Fairhaven Baptist College has been training servants for the Lord's service for over forty years. We are now excited to offer an online program.


Whether you are a pastor or a layman wanting to increase your Bible knowledge, a teacher desiring to refine your teaching methods, or someone who is curious about a certain course being offered, we encourage you to register today and begin working toward your degree, and more importantly, furthering your knowledge of the Bible.

INTERESTED?  Fill out the form below.

Fill out the form completely. If you need more information, scroll down, and refer to any information listed about programs, pricing, and  other frequently asked questions. 


Fairhaven Baptist College Online

Head Start

Pre-College Credit

Seniors in High School already planning on attending Fairhaven Baptist College on campus can take advantage of this program to earn early credits towards their degree when they enroll in the fall or spring semester. Class options are limited, as well as the amount of credits that can be earned.



If you are not wanting to commit to a degree, but would like to take a class for your own knowledge, our "General Classes" option is best for you. Select from the list of classes below, and begin learning at your own pace today. All credits earned can later be applied to particular degrees.

Associate in Bible


The associate in Bible degree is our most comprehensive online learning program. The length of this program is two years, but can completed sooner depending on how many classes are taken at a time. Classes required for this program are marked by an asterisk (*) in the "Classes Offered" section below. 


Your Degree

Have you already begun a degree, but have not been able to complete it? If so, this option is the best for you. We would like to extend this program primarily to those who have attended Fairhaven Baptist College on campus, but are missing particular classes in order to graduate. Those transferring from other colleges will be handled individually.


A general introduction to Fairhaven Baptist College Online, and how it operates.

Register on this site for your program. Make sure to look at the classes offered, as well as the pricing before submitting your form.

After registering, one of our college representatives will contact you about your program, and walk you through how to pay, and enroll in your class.

Once you are registered and have paid for your class(es), you will be directed to All of our classes are administered though Schoology. You will be given a code to join the class, and then you can begin at any time.

Every class consists of several recorded lectures from the on campus class, which was recorded live. Your class on Schoology will link to these videos on YouTube where you will watch the lectures.

After you view a class lecture on YouTube, you will be prompted on Schoology to answer questions from the video lecture. All additional quizzes, papers, discussions, and tests will be submitted on Schoology.

When you finish all required classes for your program you will receive your degree! In the case of the "Head Start" program, credits earned will  be applied towards your degree on campus.

Every class offered is taught by one of our seasoned professors, and is suited to help you understand a variety of biblical topics and issues. Many of the following classes are available to take today. However, some are still being recorded and created on Schoology as a class. Please contact us in regards to the availability of any of the following classes.

Classes with an asterisk (*) are required for the Associate in Bible program. Classes with two asterisks (**) are required for the Associate in Bible program as well, but only two classes per division need to be taken. For example, any two Old Testament classes may be taken as long as they have two asterisks (**).



New Testament

Old Testament

Systematic Theology I**

Systematic Theology II**

Systematic Theology III**

Baptist Distinctives**

Old Testament Survey I*

Old Testament Survey II*

The Pentateuch**

Conquest and Judges**

Kings of Israel and Judah**

Second Temple Period**

Life of Christ I**

Life of Christ II**

Parables of Jesus**

Discourses of Jesus**

New Testament Survey I*

New Testament Survey II*




American History I

American History II

Church History

Baptist History*

General Teaching Methods

History and Philosophy of Education*

Teaching and Learning Process*

Creation Science*


U.S. Constitution*



Defining Biblical Leadership*

Baptist History

Great Commission*

Decently & In Order*

Youth Ministry

Philosophy of Missions*

Ministry Essentials*

Personal & Church Finances*

A breakdown of the costs of each class, as well as the fees that are involved.



Per Credit Hour


Registration Fee Per Class


Final Cost of Associates in Bible Degree

(Amount Not Due in One Payment. Pay per class.)

How do I pay, and when is payment due?

Paypal, credit card, or check can be used to pay for classes. Payment can be made over the phone, or online. Payment is due before each class is taken.

When can I begin an online class?


Can I take more than one online class at a time?


How long do I have to complete an online class?

Three months

With whom do I communicate regarding my online class while I am enrolled?

You will be assigned a Class Administrator.

What computer requirements are necessary to view the online classes?

Internet access with the ability to view YouTube.

Can the classes be viewed on my mobile devices?


Are scholarships available for online classes?

Not at this time.

How many credits may a student take online and yet still graduate with a four-year degree?

Half of the credits can be taken online and the rest must be taken on campus.

Can I earn a four-year degree taking only online classes?

No. However beginning in the Summer of 2017 a student may earn an Associates Degree which is equivalent to about 64 credits.

Are these accredited courses?


Below is a list of common questions that are asked about Fairhaven Baptist College Online. If you have a question that is not addressed in this section,  please feel free to contact us by phone or email.

No. Fairhaven Baptist College (both on campus and online) is a non-accredited institution. We have not, and will not ever seek to be accredited. We believe that Biblically, our college is a ministry of our local church, and therefore find it contrary to our beliefs to allow a secular board to determine our standards for training ministers and teachers. Our institution has been operating since 1977, and has a well proven track record of scholastic excellence and achievement. 

Do VA benefits apply to online classes?


Can I participate in the college graduation ceremony once I complete the Associates Degree?


A three month extension can be given for $25.

What happens if I don't complete the course in the allotted time?

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